Honestly, you’ll see me pick on Michael Crook a lot here on my website.  I normally try to show him how ignorant he really is.  It doesn’t work but I can still hope.  People have attempted to take Michael Crook to court and he really doesn’t have any assets to lose in a court hearing.

If you listen to him, he does this on purpose.  If you listen to me, I say it’s because he only has minimum wage skills and really can’t do any better for himself.  If you go to his page and read his so called accomplishments, you get the feeling he sets low goals and continuously fails to achieve them.

Finally his blunders have caught up with him.  He posted an email from AT&T on a public website.  He’s probably in a lot of trouble right now.  He doesn’t listen to people who tell him he needs to get an education and better himself.  He obviously failed to read the last line of an email that says the email is not to be made public, something that he did do.  I’ve got a feeling that they have no intention of taking him to court to seize assets but to go after him for a criminal offense.  If so, Michael may face some time in jail.

Mikey obviously was feeling full of himself as he taunted the law firm representing AT&T as they were investigating his website.  That’s not really appropriate thing to do when you have violated laws and are in trouble up to your teeth.

It will be interesting to watch this play out.  I’ve got plenty of popcorn and cokes to watch this play out.  I can’t wait to see, yet again, Mikey have his @ss handed to him legally.  Reminds me of the saying, Pride comes before the fall.  I may even volunteer to be a witness for the prosecution.  I’d love to fly to New Jersey to see the deer in the headlights look he flashes me from behind the defense table.  This could be a good thing for Mikey since he’s recently come out of the closet with his sexuality.  He may even find true love behind bars.  LMFAO.