Here’s the original article:

As he appears to write this blog, he appears to be under the influence of female hormone pills.  I mean really?  How else could someone write such an ass backwards opinion?

To be more to the point, when that former Nazi filled out US immigration papers, there was a section that asked if he was a former Nazi.  All he really had to do was tell the truth.  By ignoring the question, he lied on his application which led to his deportation.  This is the end of the story.  You can play violins all f*cking day and it won’t change that fact.

Of course Mikey would say he’s an outstanding citizen because Mikey couldn’t tell the truth if his tongue were notarized by FE Baily.  Not even the deported Nazi would have ever had anything to do with Mikey.  Let’s face it, he was kicked off a white supremacist site because  he was misbehaving.  That and the fact that the white supremacists have no time for a gay member out of the closet.  The fact that Mikey can’t fit into a group of white supremacists should be more than enough to tell everyone he’s an idiot.  What must one do to get kicked off of a white supremacist group?  Mikey is a failure today and will continue to be a failure.

This man did not get betrayed by his government.  In fact if you look through history, there have been worse betrayals by other governments.  As to Mikey’s claim we weren’t involved in Germany, it proves what others have been saying to Mikey for a long time, your an idiot!  American troops were involved up to their teeth in Germany.

Maybe Michael Crook, holocaust denier, should look up transcripts from the Nuremberg Trials.  Maybe if he had, there would be no denying that the holocaust took place.  Then again, that would have taken effort and Michael Crook being the lazy SOB he is wouldn’t have done it.  Here’s a link to a transcript by General Otto Ohlendorf which he admits to jews being killed.

I find it amazing that Michael Crook can sit at his computer with his head up his arse and say the Holocaust didn’t happen when the information is at his fingertips.  All he really had to do was type in Nuremberg trials into his search engine and find the information for himself.  However, Mikey is stupid and lazy so it’s entirely plausible that he’d refuse to do that, even to write his so-called book on the subject.  This information did not fit into his opinion so he ignored it.