Republicans have shot down 2 bills since last week that were bad ideas from the left.

The Global Warming Bill would have added a dollar a gallon tax at the pump.  There would be riots if this bill had passed.  People are already pissed off about Congress’s do nothing approach to solving the problem then they want to do something like this?  This is all coming from the so called “Party Of the People.”  If they are truly the party of the people they’d be coming up with solutions that would make “The People” happy.  Spending an additional dollar a gallon at the pumps on a lie such as the Man-made Global Warming Scam isn’t exactly what anyone in this country wants except that snake oil salesman Al Gore, who stands to make millions off the scam.

The Republicans defeated the left’s windfall taxes on big oil.  It’s ignorant to assume that the taxpayers won’t pay for windfall taxes because they will just raise the price per gallon on us to cover the windfall tax.  Supply is the problem not the price.  If these idiots would drop their evil oil talking points and focus on supply, we’d be better off in the end.  We can’t count on Saudi to solve our oil problems, we never could.

Our downfall is that we seem to have lost the pioneer spirit that said we need to take care of ourselves first.  We can’t expect other countries to take care of our problems but they expect us to fix their problems.  These same countries that hate America call us first when they have a problem.  The words that come to mind about such countries can’t be said in full here but their initials are FO.  Maybe if we start telling these countries no, they will appreciate it more when we do help them out.