For everyone who has visited my site more than a handful of times, knows that I take every opportunity to slam Michael. Michael justifiably deserves all of the verbal slams I have delivered. Michael was the webmaster for two unamerican sites, “” and “”

I lost any respect for Mikey when he in an email to me boasted he was going to spit in a veterans face at which time I got really pissed off. He also told me via email that he was going to spit in a military widows face, then I got really disgusted. He refused to come to Texas to spit in my face because I’m big enough to whip his @ss.

Mikey tried to join the military and couldn’t get out of basic training. He turned his anger towards anyone able to join thus you have America’s own troop hater. He’s even celebrated each time a military person has died in combat. Now if that’s not despicable enough, he goes out of his way to make fun of people who have died.

His latest target is slandering the boy scouts who have died from the tornado. Do you see the pattern? I do. He enjoys going after any organization which wouldn’t have him as a member. Also these scouts are dead so he feels safe to defame them because they can’t come kick his @ss.

Now I do not condone drinking and driving nor would I ever but Mikey takes this to a new fanatical level. However, I find it a bit ironic that at the top of his blog an ad would appear on his blog where he is talking about forcing people who have been arrested for DWI is forced to use a ignition lock that forces you to blow into it before it will allow them to start their vehicle. The ad helps locate liquor stores in the local area.

It seems to me that Mikey was probably constantly made fun of as a kid. I’m sure he was the guy the football team shoved his head in the toilet and flushed it. This should show most of us that there is probably a good reason why kids do this…because the kid deserved it.