I would think that members of the Democratic Party owe these guys an apology.  They have endured persecution from their own government and have been found not guilty.  There’s been 7 trials conducted and there are 7 not guilty’s so far.  The last marine’s trial isn’t set to start until August I believe. 

It’s amazing how many looney left liberals jumped on the bandwagon with their Democratic Party representatives and attempted to convict these guys before there was a trial.  Some blatently called all 8 of the marines liars in the process of political expediency.  I think it’s ironic when these same people talk about civil liberties being taken away and here they are trying to convict someone before they’ve had their day in court.  I hope these people feel like jackass’s at the end of the day….Oh wait, more irony the democratic party’s mascott is a jackass.