I’ve said it before and I guess I’ll say it again. It’s just what America needs is limo riding, Jet Flying liberals that don’t have a problem telling us we should do without so they can do with. As is the case with Al Gore, Mr. Man-made Global Warming himself. According to a study done in Tennessee, Al gore used as many Kilowatt hours as 232 houses for a month. Damn, that’s a lot of energy for one house.

Honestly, having Al Gore represent the environmentalists is like having John Hinkley Jr. on the cover of guns and amo. It’s probably not a good idea. Al Gore believes he’s entitled to a big carbon footprint because he’s representing global warming. He’s just making a jackass out of himself in the process. If we are truly damaging the earth don’t you think fatass should quit riding the limo and get him a bike to ride around town on? I mean really, he wants me to pay a carbon tax while he quadruples my carbon footprint but somehow I think he’ll wind up paying less of that tax than me. It’s all a sham if you think about it long enough. Fatass loves telling me how I should live but at the same time, his actions say do as I say not as I do. If Al Gore is such a leader, maybe he’d start living up to the standards he’s trying to hold us to.