The left has broken away from their evil oil talking points and attempting to throw the oil speculators under the bus. Here’s the problem as I see it, why hasn’t congress taken on speculators before now? I mean if these people are the reason that oil prices are high, don’t you think congress would have squashed them yet? I would think so.

Who benefits by an oil crisis? The democratic party of course. The fact that we have a Republican president now and they want us to associate high gas prices with Republicans. Now, I don’t usually mention conspiracy theories on my blog but to me that makes me suspicious. I’ll tell you why.

George Soros has been attempting to buy a president. Coincidently, George is a speculator. An expert as manipulating markets. I have no doubt that if the left’s accusations are true, it can probably be traced back to George Soros, thus it can be traced back to the leftist. I think it would be more than fair to try the culprits for treason. There are no limits on what such fanatics would do to ensure their candidate wins. George is probably pissed off because his efforts to get Kerry nominated didn’t work out as well as he’d have liked. If the lefties are correct, I’m sure Soros will stop manipulating the market as soon as Obama wins the presidency. I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the democratic party was in on this.

If in fact speculators are to blame for high gas prices, there will incredible changes if a house bill is passed that will require speculators to store the oil they purchased at their expense. Right now, the only expenses incurred by a speculator is a piece of paper that says how many barrels of oil they purchased. The oil isn’t sent anywhere. It sits in a warehouse stored with their name on it.

Before you dismiss this as a conspiracy theory, George has a long reputation for wrecking economies to the point there are countries that won’t allow him in their country because of his manipulations of their economy. He is touted as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” So if Oil Speculators are responsible then they can be traced back to the left. It’s something that the left would do and then try to act innocent about it after they get caught.

Otherwise, republicans are right. It is a supply and demand problem. It’s time for the leftists to shut their mouths and do something about the problem instead of touting how we aren’t paying as much for oil as Europe. In other words, the left needs to lead or get the hell out of the way of others who are trying to fix the problem!