Michael is starting up his cowardly phase again.  Apparently, he’s upset because I’ve hammered him with logical arguments so to keep me from exposing him for the worthless POS he is, he banned me from his site.  No worries because if I’m not getting to his site, he’s not getting traffic so he’ll eventually unban me.

You see, Michael is an attention whore.  He’s not happy if he’s not getting the outrage from his stupid ill-conceived thoughts and statements.  We’ve been through this stage many times.  He’s not very intelligent.

Because I know Mikey is probably reading my blog.  Stay tuned Mikey, soon you’ll get to see a parody I am working on of you on youtube.  Let’s just say it involves a crappy looking wig, eyeliner to draw eyebrows like yours and expect everything to be exaggerated.  LMFAO.  Including your 2 black eyes.
Which I have witnesses to the effect, I had nothing to do with your 2 black eyes.