My thoughts on the decision are that this shows us that idiots have hijacked our legal system and Supreme court and instead of interpreting laws they are using “Their Emotion” to set policy.  “Their Emotions” will be responsible for these killers to get back onto the streets and get back into the battle.  “Their emotions” will be responsible for the ex-detainees getting a second chance to kill our soldiers.  “Their emotions” will be responsible for said detainees death on the battlefield.

Every detainee that was cleared and sent back, has been found killed on the battlefield.

Just because Illegal Combatants are in American territories, does not mean they are entitled to the same rights our citizens have.  Did we extend the same rights to the Japanese or the Germans during our world wars?  So in essence, we’re discriminating and not giving each the same treatment.  We should treat the GITMO detainees the same as we did the Japanese or German POWs…NOT BETTER!

Why should they meet Military Tribunals?   Because some of the evidence is classified.  What if we have a mole that penetrated Al Quaeda?  We do not want the detainee to know that information so he can have the mole killed.  We cannot disclose documents that are classified to detainees who want to destroy this country.  We didn’t do that for the Germans or the Japanese.

We have been let down by the Supreme Court and you should be furious.  These scumbags don’t deserve rights and privileges extended to US citizens.  They are not citizens and quite frankly we could debate on whether or not they are human or not.  These people are not even a recognized military.  If you think I’m joking go find the video of Khali Sheik Mohammad cutting off Daniel Pearle’s head while Pearle was still alive.  Yes thats the disgusting piece of humanity that we’re telling them that they have the same rights as citizens.

So when the body count starts rising after we’ve let loose all of the animals of Al Quaeda, I want each and every justice that voted for Detainee rights to look at it on their tv and understand that they caused it.  If they are human, they should probably kill themselves.