Oh I loved this speech.  It threw things back into the face of the majority party, who are acting like spoiled children.  His first statement’s set the tone for the rest of his speech.

“Madam President, I too want to talk about change as have our collegues on the other side of the isle in presenting their checklist for change.  I don’t believe there is anybody certainly not myself included who believes what is happening here in Washington DC inside these hollowed chambers is something we want to continue in terms of the status quo.  We do need change but as others have said before me we do need the right kind of change and that’s what I’d like to address here briefly.”

I loved the start.  He’s using Obama’s words since the Democratic party seems so pumped about change.  Instead of ignoring it, he ran straight for it to discuss it in proper context.

“First of all let me just remind my collegues and those who may be watching about where we are in terms of being stuck on important issues that are important to the people of this country.  Where congress under the current leadership have simply squandered the opportunities we have on a bipartisan basis to work together to try to address these pressing issues.”

Yes, you people should be more like John McCain, crossing the isle and working with us instead of against us.  Don’t worry the scolding is coming!

“First of all it’s now been 124 days since the terrorist surveillance system known as the foreign intelligence surveilance act has basically been unable to track and listen in on foreign terrorists because congress has failed to pass a re-authorization of the foreign surveillance act. 

It’s been 575 days since our manufacturers and small businesses and our farmers have been disadvantaged by the failure to take up and pass a free trade agreement with Columbia.  My state of Texas sells about 2.3 Billion Dollars worth of goods and produce to Columbia each year but because Congress refuses to act on this free trade agreement, my farmers and manufacturers and small businesses have to pay a tariff that is an added penalty basically on their products in Columbia that are not imposed on Columbian goods when their sold here in the US.  This free trade agreement is good for my state and for the US because it creates markets for our goods and produce here at home but for 575 days now we’ve seen no action on that important agreement. 

It’s been 720 days while some judicial nominations have been waiting for a vote and I want to come back to that 720 days since some of these nominations have been pending and as astonishingly as it sound, now when gasoline prices are well over $4.00 a gallon when the price of oil is well up over $135 a barrel.  It’s been 786 days since Senator Pelosi when she was running for the US house of representatives and running basically for speaker.  She promised a common sense plan to bring down the price of gas at the pump.  We’re still waiting for that plan.  We haven’t seen it yet.  This, I believe, is the kind of change people across this country would love to see.  They would love to see us come together to solve these problems but instead of that, they see us stuck in a rut engaging in political posturing rather than solving the problems that confront our nation. “

DOHHHHH, he’s reminding congress of why they are failing.  He’s pointing out that queen bee herself hasn’t upheld her promises to the American people as she was running for office.  I loved this part of the speech.  Not only did he mention her failure, but how long she’s failed at it.

“I want to talk briefly about the 3rd item on my list and that is about judges.  For some reason the democrat majority has refused to follow through on a promise made to our side to set hearings and  confirm judges to the Federal bench and the fact of the matter is that there does appear difference in the philosophy of the people nominated to serve on the federal bench between the 2 parties.  Our side believes judges should not be a roving activist imposing or substituting their views for what is good for us but rather judges should have the important role but unique role of interpreting what the law is and enforcing and applying the law as written.  Judges of course are not elected by large certainly not at the federal bench.  They are not representatives of the people they are representatives of the law and they serve a very important function but when judges decide to take the law into themselves and impose their own will rather than to enforce the will of the elected representatives of the people, they become lawless as a result.  Of course we’ve seen recent examples of this.”

More unkept promises by the Democrats.  That’s why things don’t get done in Washington because Democrats aren’t following through on their promises to the minority party.  They aren’t prioritizing legislation.  How in the hell does a climage change tax bill make it to the table before legislation to fix our energy policy?  Screw Man-made Global Warming Myths!  They don’t exist and are wastes of taxpayer dollars.  Even if they are real, they are not a threat at this very moment.

*Kudos” To Senator John Cornyn for the speech.  It was a well thought out assault on status quo in Washington.  He understands why congress is getting the low votes of confidence in the polls and he’s gotten to the bottom of it.  Congress is not moving on growing problems.  They’ve not shown the leadership required for this position.  In the military, we had a simple philosophy, If you see a problem fix it.  It’s a shame that most our elected officials in Washington don’t have such drive and leadership abilities as a soldier on the ground.  Senator Cornyn is one of the guys who can see the problem and has not allowed himself to be influenced by others pointing fingers every which way.  Finger pointing only delays action and until we have people willing to take action to fix US problems, none of them will get fixed.  Oh, what we could do with 30 more people like Senator John Cornyn, the sky is the limit.  I know what your thinking.  You want to tell me “Lonnie, but we have more Republicans in Congress.”  We have Republicans in Congress by party only.  They are elitists that think Conservatism is dead.  They think that Ronald Reagan’s policies won’t work today.  They are wrong!  They want to go with status quo because they don’t have to stand up before congress and argue their point.  They take the easy way out.

It would have been quite easy for Senator John Cornyn to just sit down and not say a word.  The fact that he does stand up and speak his mind makes him the better man.  It shows he actually is there to represent not only his district, not only the whole state of Texas, but for the United States as a country.

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