It’s almost humurous how some people lie so much that even they can’t tell facts from fiction.  Michael Crook has selective memory.  It wasn’t the Steve And DC show that caved on the boxing match between Michael Crook and a Veteran (Like Mikey wants you to believe).  Michael flat out didn’t show up and was called on it on the Steve And DC show.  Michael said he had second thoughts because he didn’t want to get his ass kicked.  (paragraph 2).  Mikey attempts to make it look like the veteran backed down from the match and not the truth that he was too cowardly to fight an old veteran.

Really Mikey, I’ve already stated that I’d meet you in a boxing ring…but being the coward you are, that’ll never happen even though you have a 14 year advantage on me as I’m 43.  You’ve said you want to spit in a veteran’s face or a military widow’s face, that’ll never happen because you are a coward.  I’d put my money on the widow because even she has more testicular fortitude than you do.

Just remember, I’m a veteran but I’d be more man that you could fight.  So I guess that leaves you attempting to spit on widowed kids.  Honestly Mikey, they could kick your ass too.  I guess you could say that the widowed children have more man in them than you do too.