There is absolutely no excuse for our Supreme Court.  This is the second controversial ruling they have given within a month.  They are absolutely out of control.  They are all becoming too liberal for my tastes.

Today, they have said that it is unconstitutional to give a pedophile a death sentence.  It is yet another example that the highest court in the land does not interpret the laws as they are written, they are deciding on emotion.  I think we should put pedphile’s to death because they have proved they are incapable of living within the rules of society.  We have yet to reform any of them.  They get out of prison and go back to doing the same old thing as before they got busted…only this time, they start killing their victims.

To be honest, the supreme court is making it to where a kid can’t develop into an adult without one of these pedophiles attempting to attack them or kill them.  Combine that with the reality that they could be killed by a muslim extremist on the streets of our nation.  Again, there are no legal precidents on this and the justices appear to be moving toward Obama’s wishes by “judging on emotion.”  SCREW emotion, your job is not emotionalists, your job is making a ruling BASED ON THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.  What part of that are you justices having problems with?

Don’t tell me, I know what you justices have a problem with.  Must be the wording that invokes the name of god in the constitution.  Get over it, get over yourselves, and do exactly what in the hell your getting paid to do.  What part of “He’s/She’s a pedophile and he/she deserves to die” didn’t you understand?