Another crooked boy post that shows what a deplurable person Michael Crook is.  He finds humor in this story.  Again, I think I have a pretty good sense of humor and I find nothing funny in this story at all.

You can read Michael’s post here.

This is a trajegic accident.  Some people freeze during dangerous situations.  This isn’t related to him being a soldier, it’s something that affects quite a few people.  For a soldier, this can be a catastrophic flaw.  You have to be able to watch around you and react with a moments notice.  That being said, this person did not deserve to die because he froze.

As far as Crook calling the soldier that died a coward, that is unfounded.  That only coward that I know in this story is Michael Crook himself.  He refuses to bring his ass into a boxing ring with me.  Honestly, I believe that if I hit him in the head, maybe his brain would snap back into reality.