This is a sad messed up story.  You can see that Mikey finds the story hillarious.

You can read Mikey’s version of the story here.

The messed up part of the story is that the lady was in the hospital waiting room for 24 hours then died.  When she fell over, the docs just walked past her and ignored her.  I think these doctors should lose their ability to practice medicine for 5 years.  How can a doctor see someone sprawled out on the floor and they don’t go over to see what’s wrong with her?  Maybe they should just close the whole hospital down because there is NEVER a good reason to have people pass away in a emergency room waiting room.  NEVER NEVER NEVER!

Of course leave it to Michael Crook to find humor in such a story.  There is no humor in this story.  So what if she was destitute and couldn’t afford healthcare.  She was entitled to be seen because she was ill.  This story was disgusting and hearing about it from Michael’s site made it more disgusting!  Michael should just go and kill himself really!