I, for the life of me, can’t understand Democratic values.  For instance, I’d be so pissed off my representatives would get a earful from me if they ignored the rising prices of gas.  True to my word, they did get an earful from me.  However, the Democratic party feels that high gas prices isn’t somthing that they want to fix.  They feel that they should ignore the problem as part of a political exclamation point for the elections.  They’re attempting to use your pain to make a political point.  How does that make you feel about their worthiness to represent you?  I’d be all over my representative if they were ignoring the problem.

It doesn’t appear to be getting any better with the election because Obama has said “I’d prefer a gradual increase.”  He further stated that he would not consider drilling for oil to solve the problem.  In other words, he intends to do absolutely nothing to fix the problem.

Nancy Pelosie ran for her seat in the Senate on doing something about the oil prices but after she was elected, she has done nothing some 700+ days into her new term.  I wonder if her constituents are going to vote the next election with the old saying “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me” on their minds?

I have a hard time understanding a lot of things that democrats do.  Like for instance blaming the problem on George W. when the oil prices didn’t start rising until we had a democratic majority in congress.  Explain to me how that happened if it is truly George W.’s fault?

I also find the Democratic Party’s moniker a problem.  They call themselves “The people’s party” yet, they ignore problems facing the nation instead of rushing in to fix them.  Does this make sense to you?  If they truly were the people’s party they’d have fixed the problem by now.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  In this humble Republican’s opinion, they should remove the moniker because the only people they are representing are themselves.  They obviously don’t care if their constituents are being hit hard by the gas prices.

I’m not hit as hard as others by the prices but I’m still being hit.  I leave on Friday to go visit my kids in Dallas.  It’s a 3 hour drive but I’ll be paying an additional 15 bucks for gas that I never used to have to pay out.  I still remember when it cost me $10 to completely fill up the tank of my car, those days are gone.  Now it costs $25 to completely fill up my tank.  So the whole trip will cost me $50 verses the $20 I used to spend.  I’m spending the money to go see my kids.  Otherwise, I stay home mostly.  I don’t drive without a purpose.  I don’t go down to the mall so my wife can browse through the clothes racks.  I drive to do essential stuff like pay bills, doctor appointments, buy groceries, and to work.

You can blast the Republicans all you want to but at least they are the only party attempting to stop the madness at the pump.  The Democrats are content to ignore the problem and hope it goes away.  They do that for two reasons.  1)  It somehow gives them power and support by saying the Republicans did this and we’re going to fix it thus scoring political points.  2) They get more money per gallon so they can spend it on needless projects.

You can blast big oil all you want to.  You can run around and shout evil oil from the highest mountain but the facts are the facts.  The US government makes more money off gas sales than the oil companies who pull it out of the ground, process it, and ship it to you.  The US government makes about .60-.69 per gallon whereas the gas company makes somewhere about .04-.07 a gallon.  Now looking at the figures, you tell me who the evil one is?  It’s true they are making profits but then again, 1/3rd of their profits come from selling gas in the US.  The rest of their profits are from selling it overseas at market set prices.  I don’t see many Democrats touting evil government, just evil Bush.

You can blast the oil speculators but when your party has decided not to take any action whatsoever, but still point the finger at the speculators, you really don’t have a leg to stand on.  To be blunt, the announcement that we’re going to drill will settle the prices down by itself.  We’re counting on getting oil from thugs (that dislike us) because we’re too goddamn self-righteous to provide it for ouselves from our lands.  It’s said that oil is a national security problem and it is.  First off, without oil you can’t patrol the streets and fight crime.  Without oil, some of us can’t go to work.  Our whole economy is dependent upon oil.  Without oil, some of us would not have jobs!

I say let’s drill right now.  I realize there isn’t unlimited oil but considering the ONLY alternate fuel right now is nuclear energy and nobody on your side of the isle wants to use it because of the movie the china syndrome which was a scare tactic against the use of nuclear energy.  WE DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE!  If an alternative source of energy is found, it will not be a government agency doing research.  It won’t be a bunch of Global Warming Idiots.  It will be the free market finding it.

You all like to use the solar energy talking points but when the sun isn’t out, then you have no electricity.  You Democrats like to tout windmills, they only work when there is wind and even then, you don’t want these things in YOUR backyard.  Senator Kennedy comes down to Sweetwater Texas and touts the windmill technology but when they wanted to put a wind farm in the water by his house, he is definitely against it.  There are cars that will work using water.  Those are impractical because some areas are in drouts.  To be reasonable and responsible these are not viable energy sources.  To be quite honest, any renewable energy source or technology that is developed will be so expensive, most of us will not be able to afford it.  Until the day that one is discovered that is both affordable and we have an unlimited supply of, Oil is all we really have.

One person commented on one of my blogs about our oil addiction and my first thoughts are who in the hell are you kidding.  Your job (I really don’t care if you work in an office, factory, plant, etc.) depends on oil 100%.  If you work in an office, you need electricity, if your a truck driver you need gas and oil, if you run a plant then you need electricity and machines that use gas/electricity and oil.  If we take oil out of the equation, we wouldn’t have a means to make money therefore what’s next?  Starvation, record homelessness, etc.  I guess there would be a record movement towards agriculture.  I mean you can do that without oil because we have done it before.  How many farmers would continue to plant crops if they have to buy horses to run a plow or depend on manual labor to manually plow their grounds?  Without oil, there would be no electricity, therefore my job would go away.  I mean I do run a computer room.  Those computers require electricity.