Representative Rick Noriega opposes the FISA bill because he says that National Security Agencies were abusing their powers and monitoring Troop communications with their families.  This is absurd. 

However, Rick has a lack of tangible evidence that his calls were being monitored.  It’s funny that none of the other soldiers felt their calls were being monitored.  Obviously, Rick and his wife had some really interesting conversations, I mean why else would he be attempting to say that National Security Agencies were monitoring his communications?  No, Rick, your not quite that special but keep hoping.

Rick obviously doesn’t understand the bill as written.  Rick has problems with the FISA bill when the Democratic Party supported the bill and didn’t have any problems with it.  Rick is trying to create a boogie man out of the FISA bill.  However, he got caught attempting the old Democratic Party ritual of throwing enough crap and see if anything sticks.  He lacks evidence and he lacks credibility by even suggesting it.  Obviously Rick feels like we shouldn’t bust Achmeds ass for attempting to plot another attack over the phone system and he’s willing to write the scumbags a pass they can use anytime they want without any opposition at all.  Rick wants us to believe he’s strong on National Defense but if elected, he’ll do everything he can to make sure we can’t bust Achmeds ass.

There has been no allegations of FISA being abused so Rick’s concerns are unfounded.  If there had been, you can be rest assured the whole thing would blow up in the news.  There would be angry senators on BOTH sides should this happen.  This HAS NOT happened, so to accuse people of abusing their power when they haven’t is just an elitest attitude as far as I can see.

To hear Noriega’s misguided comments click here.

Rick wants to give the Islamic Extremists the FREEDOM to kill our citizens.  That is the wrong thing to want.   Senator John Cornyn voted to cutt off the terrorist’s freedom to use the public phone system to plot their attacks.  Senator Cornyn realizes the United States is in for the fight of our lives and that the FISA bill can be an effective tool for National Security Agencies to use to seek out the Islamic Extremists and catch them before lives are lost.  Shame on you Rick!