The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is a good bill to catch terrorists before they can strike.  It gives us an advantage and we can often use the information gained to surprise our enemies who thought they were slick conducting business over a regular telephone line.  Senator Cornyn supports the FISA bill because it’s good for the USA.  Representative Noriega opposes the bill because he doesn’t love this country as much as he contends he does.

Rick Noriega opposes FISA not because of any logical arguments.  He’s got some major campaign contributions from lawyers.  Lawyers that are salivating at the opportunity to go after businesses that cooperate with the government instead of going after the bad guys.  Rick says he’s not weak on national defense but his actions speak louder than any words I could write.  The sad fact is that he’s willing to sacrafice our national security to appease his lawyer friends/contributers all in the name of doing the people’s work.

Senator Cornyn voted for the new FISA bill.  This bill keeps us on offense against the people who would rather you and I not wake up tomorrow.  I’d go further to say that Senator Cornyn IS taking care of business in Washington and not appeasing anyone because he knows, at the end of the day, voting for the bill is the right thing to do.  What more could you ask of our representative? 

Representative Noriega alleged last week that his conversations between his wife and him were monitored by National Security Officers.  This week he says that we shouldn’t pass FISA because it allows businesses to cooperate with the government without liability.  What’s next?  Maybe we should act like the French in WW II and just watch these miserable SOBs take over?  Is that what Rick wants?  If this shows us anything, it shows that Noriega has very poor judgement.  Our country can’t afford Rick and his poor judgement.  We need another term for Senator John Cornyn.  He’s the only candidate trying to act in our state/country’s best interest and not trying to sacrifice national security for campaign contributions.  That my friend’s is a very dangerous game to play because the stakes are too high for failure.