I’ve went to John Cornyn’s re-election website and noticed there is an excellent speech from his Republican Convention in Austin.  It’s a pretty good campaign speech.  You can hear that great speech here.

Also he is asking his constituents their opinions on secret earmarks.  I’ve accomplished the whole thing and it takes about a little over 5 minutes to complete.  If your not sure what earmarks are, they are the biggest abuse of taxpayer money that exists in government today.  Just click on my category titled “earmarks” to view my other posts about earmarks.  In his survey, he asks if Berkley should get 2 million dollar earmark after they’ve attempted to throw the marines out of their city.  I said no because these lefties need to learn their role and place in local politics.  local level politicians cannot direct federal entities to leave their city.  They’ve gone out of their way to irritate the marines by giving code stink a parking spot in front of the marine corps recruiter station and encouraging them to interfere with the marines.

You can take the survey here.

Senator Cornyn is very sincere when he says he wants to represent the people of Texas and has a past track record for doing what is good for both Texas and the United States of America.  He also is very accessible.  I’ve emailed him several times to discuss several issues with him.  As a gracious public official, he always sends back an email talking about his views and thanks you for your views.  He cares what Texans have to say about the issues.

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