I was actually appalled at the things the left were saying at the announcement of Tony Snow’s death on the Drudge Report.  I am repulsed by anyone who uses someone’s death to either make a political point or to somehow say the death was karma related.  This unfortunately is who the left is.  Down and Dirty, this is why they feel they have to hide exactly who they are.  There comments so vile that I will not mention them here, they are that bad.  Use your imagination, as I’ve said some pretty bad things here about Michael Crook, they are mild compared to the stuff the left said about Tony Snow.  When Tony left his job in the whitehouse because of health concerns, someone from The Daily Kooks website wished Tony would die because he worked for President Bush.

These are the same people that hate this country.  If asked, they will tell you about all the evil stuff we’ve done in the past and then insult your patriotism.  My opinion on this is, you have to think of your country as a son who’s done bad things.  You still love them but hate the bad things they have done.  In this situation, the left would hate their son. 

One person on the thread said that Tony Snow was a conman for Bush & Co.  I asked for proof and he backed down.  There is no proof of his claims.  I came back and asked for links to prove his point.  He never provided me a link.  That’s when I came back and said your so ignorant your attempting to criminilize Tony with no proof because the brightest minds in the Democratic Party cannot find where Tony did anything criminal.  Still like the captain of a ship that’s going down, they refuse to get off the ship.

These are the same mindless idiots that say GI’s deserve to die because they followed orders from our Commander-in-chief.  This statement shows the extent of hate on the left.  When you sign the contract to enlist in our armed forces, there isn’t a clause that says you have the right to cherry pick which wars you support.  It says that you will be wherever the government tells you they want you. Examples of these idiots are Code Stink and most of the leftist anti-war movement.

To show more hate, if I need to, to prove my point.  The left is rabidly pissed off most of the Haditha Marines have been found innocent.  They keep insisting that they committed war crimes when the marines have had their day in court.  They say that the court was tainted.  However most of the Abu Graive defendents were found guilty. 

The left hates on big oil when big oil only makes 7 cents a gallon on gas.  The government makes 69 cents a gallon.  Why doesn’t the left hate on the government?  They make more per gallon than the oil company.  US sales only account for 1/4th of big oil’s profits.  They make way more money selling oil to forgeign markets.  The left’s attacks on big oil come in the form of activists attempting to keep big oil from drilling because the spotted moose (Just insert the real animal here) lives there.  These groups present other dangers.

In California, you can’t clean out the brush in the woods on your property because some sort of snake lives in the brush.  Right now they are plagued with wild fires caused by lightning strikes.  This law (Pushed by animal activists) is dangerous because it gives fire more fuel to burn down the state.  If the brush had been cleaned out of the woods, these fires wouldn’t travel as fast as they do.  That snake isn’t well served by allowing it to BBQ but they still persist.  These groups hate humans so much they allow they’re homes to be burnt to shreds in the name of protecting a snake that get’s BBQ’d everytime there is a lightning strike.

Another source of Hatred from the left is on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  Somehow they believe that they’re calls are being monitored.  They are kidding themselves when they believe the government is interested in THEIR conversations.  Genuinely, I laugh at that notion.  I’d compare that to listening to my wife talk.  She’s manic depressive (bi-polar).  I could go weeks and weeks without listening to most of the stuff she wants to talk about.  I don’t consider listening to liberals moaning and groaning any different than listening to my wife.  Most people on the left felt like they were kicked in the teeth by their Messiah (Barrack Obama) when he voted for the bill.

I can only speculate why the left hates so much and get’s so angry over everything.  I mean if we look at reality, we’d have to say that everything that Bush & Co have asked our Democratic majority congress for they’ve given him what he wanted or exceeded what he asked for.  That alone is enough to send your average leftist into a spitting angry rage.  They are angry that the brightest leftist minds in politics can’t pin a crime on George W. Bush.  That has to consume them with hate and anger simultaneously.  So I guess it would be logical for them to hate on Tony Snow.

If all you feel is hate and contempt, you really don’t enjoy life.  You sit in your hate and contempt while life passes you by.  Your not exactly thankful for another day living in one of the best countries on the face of this earth.  Sure, I make comments here and there about politics but in my daily life, I don’t waste any of my time worrying over politics.  Life is way too short to think politics 24/7.  We’re all human beings before we are Republican or Democrats.  There is a lot of people on the left that will hate you all the way to the grave because of your views.  It’s human to offer your condolances to Tony’s family.  It’s downright hateful to say that because he supported an evil regime that he somehow deserved to die.  Those that would say that probably need some major couch time and maybe even full-time residency in the mental hospital of your choice.