Senator John Cornyn will be on foxnews at 12:20 CST to discuss Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s continued refusal to allow consideration of any amendments related dealing with increasing domestic production of energy. 

Once again, this shows that Harry Reid refuses to do what is good for this country.  I hope everyone in his home state is taking notes about his refusal to represent the people of his state for his partisan politics.  Honestly this piece of crap should not be reelected.   It’s obvious to me that Harry Reid lacks the leadership to carry out his duties to the people who put him in office.

However, this can’t be held against Senator Cornyn.  He’s up against a hard wall in his attempts to do what’s good for Texas and what’s good for the US as a whole.  Representative Noriega is another Harry Reid.  He fails to see a problem and hopes to ignore theproblem as long as he can.  Someone like Rick Noriega would refuse to represent his state in the proper manner because he also would practice partisan politics instead of doing what’s good for our State and Country.

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