Forget all of the bullshit that you’ve been fed by the Obama people and Obama. The real reason Obama didn’t visit troops recovering in Germany is that he was prevented from taking cameras into the medical facilities. He could have gone to see them but didn’t because it couldn’t be displayed on the 5 O’clock news. It’s just that pure and simple that anyone could see through the bullshit. Is that considered change or hope? Probably not. I think Obama suffers from the same inflictions that Michael Crook suffers. He’s an attention whore!

The press in this country are trying to make a celebrity out of Obama and he’s not trying to discourage it. Instead he’s catering to it. If the cameras weren’t allowed to show him wishing speedy recoveries to wounded GI’s then he wasn’t going to do it. It’s just that simple. It sickens me to no end to see someone who has lived the American Dream as Obama has and refuse to admit when the troops are doing a good job. It sickens me even more to see such a poor quality of an individual run for president.

Obama supporters say “He’s not your regular politician,” I say he’s the exact same kind of politician. Look at how he handled the Reverend Wright Crisis. He did exactly what every politician before him has done and threw Reverend Wright under the bus. You say “Obama is an honest politician,” I say his arguments are dishonest. For example, he says we can’t drill our way out of the oil crisis, I say bullshit! He blames the regulators for high prices but you notice how much gas prices dropped when President Bush removed the executive ban on drilling? That’s how you reign in regulators. He sadly attempts to say he’s got all of the answers and the Republicans have old bad ideas but when the rubber hit the road, President Bush got the oil prices lowered.