I find it funny that I have been branded as unsporting on my reputation. First off, I play 100% fair and square. I’ve never used any glitches because I feel that takes away from the fun. I’ll explain in detail why I was branded unsporting.

The other night I was hosting a room to play 3 games to get my clan initiation. The game stipulations were as follows:

Game One: Pistols Only
Game Two: Shotguns Only
Game Three: All out malee’

Now, I constantly told everyone no machine guns. There were idiots who attempted to play the restricted games with a machine gun. I merely killed them with a shotgun and T-Bagged them while firing my gun into their backsides because I was annoyed that they came into my game without a Microphone and speakers. In a way, I can understand why they’d say I was unsporting however, it doesn’t negate the fact that they attempted to play in my game using machine guns.

In the course of the game, I killed 45 people with a shotgun in 20 minute deathmatch and booted 10 people out of the game for not following restrictions. Am I surprised that they’d say I was unsporting? No, absolutely not. I hosted a room with 12 people in it and I probably shot each one about 3 times or more. The other people had a good laugh that I was rated unsportsman by 25% of users. I did make it into the clan but I probably didn’t make many friends because I booted 10 people. In my view, using a machine gun while we’re having a shotgun match is unsportsman like conduct to begin with. To those 10 people, they should probably save the drama for their mama!