Representative Noriega lashed out at the press saying they were having weekly communications with Senator Cornyn and that their reporting has been biased. I hate to break the glass house Noriega has been living in but it seems to me that most of the media has a bias alright but it’s not for conservative candidates. The proof of my claim is right before your very eyes.

The following channels are in the tank for Obama. The Clinton Broadcast System (CBS), The Clinton News Network (CNN), NBC, ABC, etc. Foxnews at least have fairly covered both candidates whether they appreciate it or not.

Representative Noriega, instead of blaming the media for your failing campaign, maybe you should look at yourself, your staff and your policies or your lack thereof. You have attempted to outright lie about the US being in a recession. Slow growth in the economy is still growth. A recession happens when we have 2 consecutive quarters of NO growth. Your policies appear to be backwards and defy both common sense and logic. It appears you really don’t have any answers to our problems so how can you serve us well in Texas? Of course the media is going to ask you the same questions wherever you go. They are trying to make sense out of your incoherent ideas.  Your such a egotistical person that you believe the only reason the press aren’t in your corner is because they somehow get their directions from Senator Cornyn.  That’s considered spin and your only lying to yourself.  You entered this election unprepared and seem to be sabotaging your own campaign.  Keep it up and you’ll be Senator Cornyn’s Most Valuable Player.

If you’d like to hear the whole dabacle unfold click here.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Senator Cornyn is good for Texas and the US.  He’s the voice of reason in an unreasonable Senate.  He is fighting the good fight and looking out for the interests of ALL Texans/Americans. 

Representative Noriega, You seem to be trying to win the election by hooking up with special interest groups and kissing up to the elite Democrats.  The sad day will be at election time when you find out that the backsides you should have been kissing were the voters in your state.  You should have been giving them REAL solutions to REAL problems not giving the voters lip service.  You really shouldn’t have been trying to throw the media under the bus for your failing campaign.