In his hometown of Houston Texas, Representative Noriega bombed a press conference.  This must be humbling to Noriega.  I mean to hold a press conference IN YOUR HOMETOWN and absolutely nobody shows up isn’t exactly a sign that your going to win your election.  Obviously my last blog on the Senator Cornyn and Representative Noriega race was dead on accurate because I said that he attempted to outright lie his way into office and that all of his kissing up to America’s Limosine liberals would result in him finding out he should have been kissing the voters behinds instead of the limosine liberals behinds.

In my opinion, nobody showing up for his press conference was not coincidence.  He’s not shooting straight with the voters and the voters know he’s pissing on their shoes and trying to convince them it’s raining.  Shame on you Representative Noriega, you got what you deserved!

Senator Cornyn has never attempted to confuse people with useless facts and excuses like Representative Noriega has attempted to do.  In fact, Noriega has criticized Senator Cornyn on issues and when asked, said he’d do the same thing as Senator Cornyn?  If that’s the case, then why would the people of Texas want a cheap imitation of Senator Cornyn when we already have the REAL THING?  It appears that the Texans around the state have already realized that Representative Noriega would be bad and a cheap knock off of the real thing.