Well I figured when I retired from the military, I wouldn’t need to continue my old school of thought that I proudly told all of my second lieutenants.  That old school of thought is “If I can’t work with you, I’ll work around you.”  The old attitude was “If I work around you and you get embarrased then don’t expect an apology from me.  You drove me to work around you.

Well currently, I am having lots of problems with marketing.  I was told 2 week ago to make a “Build-A-Boat contest” happen.  I did what I was supposed to do.  I filled out the marketing requests and low and behold over 1 week from then, still no action has been taken to market my event.  I’ve repeatedly gone by their office yet, I catch them in lie after lie.  Normally in the civilian market place, if you have a marketing office that gives out that kind of service, they get fired quickly.  Obviously that does not apply to Non-Appropriated funds marketing.  They have screwed up so often, it’s the squadron joke.

I plan to inform my boss of their repeated lies about getting things done and start my own marketing campaign.  If they get embarassed, so be it.  Don’t expect me to apologize because they are clearly not getting the job done.  I have less than 30 days before the event and the only thing they have accomplished was getting corporate sponsorship but have done absolutely nothing to get the event marketed. 

They were supposed to get the flyer out distribution “A,” they were supposed to get it on billboards on base, they were supposed to have the flyer prominently displayed on the commander’s channel with they clearly have not done.  If I have to get a table setup inside the Base Exchange and talk to the guys as they come and go, I’ll do that.  If I have to pay arts and crafts to build me a giant poster, I’ll do that. 

I’ve been told that no matter how bad something turns out, marketing never gets chastized.  Maybe they should get chastized over their lies and subpar work performance.  It does not help that the lady in charge is on vacation.  I have been told “It’s already on the commander’s channel and has already been sent out Distribution A then it turned to “We’ll have it on the commander’s channel by Friday.”  As of today, it still has not been advertised on neither medium.