This is Joseph Duncan.  He was given the death penalty and he is smiling about it.  I can’t care where you stand on the issue of the death penalty, you’d have to support a death penalty in this case.

Joseph Duncan Killed a mom, a son, and the mom’s fiance so he could kidnap the two kids.  He then took them to a camp site in Montana where he brutally raped and abused the kids afterwards he merely shot the young boy in the head after he’d hung him by his neck until he passed out.  After the boy was dead, he burned his body.  This screams for the death penalty and I thank the jury that gave this career pedophile what he deserved.

Just look at his photo, he definitely fits the CLB (Creepy Little Bastard) profile.  He’s definitely not remorseful for the death’s he has caused.  When you can sit there and smile when the judge just announced you’ll receive the death penalty, you really don’t deserve years of appeals.  The worst part is that the defendent had hours of videotape of him raping the kids which jurors had to sit and watch.  With such evidence mounted against him, he should have just plead guilty and saved the tax payers all of the money that was spent for this shameful spectacle.  My guess is that if he’d had an attorney, his attorney would have told him to plead guilty however, Duncan wasn’t too smart.  He was acting as his own attorney.  I guess you can say he had a fool for a client.

When will society learn that you can’t rehabilitate pedophiles?  We’ve tried for years unsuccessfully.  I’m of the mindset that why try to rebilitate these people?  Year after year we see where another career pedophile has molested children and instead of reforming his ways…he merely starts murdering the kids after he’d done with them.  I’m of the mindset that we need to monitor where these people go for the rest of their life.  If he was in the area where a kid disappeared, he’s automatically at the top of the list when it comes to a suspect.  Until we as a society get smart, this will continue to happen.  You can’t tell me this man paid his debt to society when this is not the first kid he’s killed.  He killed another kid in 1996.

Yes!  This is the face of pure evil and he is getting exactly what he deserves.