In a move to get out of state liberals to fund his campaign, Noriega said

“Being a Texan today, Mr. Noriega said, means always having to say you’re sorry,” reported the Dallas Morning News. “‘I immediately feel compelled to just apologize to all of you,’

I’d like to inform Mr. Noriega that being a Texan doesn’t mean you have to apologize just like Arkansas hasn’t apologized for that 8-year embarrasment called the Bill Clinton era.  Noriega is throwing Texans under the bus so he can garner money from the limosine liberals at the Democratic National Convention.  In his mind, he needs money to get elected and that’s only part of the equation.  He also has to have solutions to present to the voters.  Noriega has failed to do that.  He’s an embarrasment to the state.  He writes policies and he can’t explain the policies and then he wonders why the press aren’t being nice to him.  Well Mr. Noriega, it comes down to competence.  Your not compentent enough to represent the state of Texas right now.  That’s why the media isn’t having the same love fest with you as they are having with Obama.

Senator Cornyn has helped make Texas one of the fastest growing states economically.  People are moving to Texas  to work and raise their families from other states.  They expect us to grow to the point we’ve added 4 new seats in congress after the next consensus.  Why would we want to change right now?  Noriega wants to raise our taxes and implement new programs that will undoubtedly run Texas into the ground from where we’re at right now.  To rephrase it, it would be like taking your car into the shop and get it back in worse condition than it was in when you took it to the shop.  If you consider that quality representation then you need to do your homework on Senator John Cornyn.
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