If you had any doubts before, you should be able to see and recognize it by now. The drive by media says we can’t talk ill about Obama’s policies because that is somehow racist, we can’t talk about Obama’s voting record because that’s racist, and we can’t talk about Obama’s wife being proud of the US for the FIRST time in her life because that is racist. According to the liberal media, Republicans are racists and sexists.

Soooo if that is true, why are the liberal media on a feeding frenzy over Sarah Palin? Maybe we should stand up and say if you attack Sarah then your a sexist. The liberal media is showing their colors right now. Palin’s daughter has not campaigned for her mother but that doesn’t matter to the media. They are out to destroy Sarah because they fear her. Joe Biden can’t compete with Sarah. That’s exactly why the media is going after her.

Michelle Obama was campaigning for her husband. Attacks on her are justified since she put herself out on the campaign trail.

I find it hillarious how the liberal media breaks the rules it tries to impose on the republicans. They are desperate people right now because they have hurt Obama more than they’ve helped him get elected. Too much media exposure can sour the public’s opinion of a candidate, not to mention Obama’s numerous gaffe’s. His most hurtful gaffe was saying that southern men cling to guns and god with antipathy towards those who don’t look like them. It proves what we knew all along. The democrat party NEEDS southern white men to win. That statement hurt his campaign. The fact he nominated Joe Biden as his VP running mate, proves he’s concerned about getting southern white men votes. Not only that, they got caught reorganizing his audience to show white males in the background when his campaign made some muslim women move because they weren’t white.

I do not see Obama making it to the white house this election. His policies suck, his ideas will prove they will not work, and he’s got a lot of negatives. He’s going to be so weak on national security that we’d be begging for another 9/11 to happen just by voting for him. Maybe the liberal media isn’t as stupid as they sound, they know their guy is unelectable and now they are trying to destroy the other side so that their guy doesn’t look so bad. Even to the point of criticizing the Republicans lifes on issues that they endorse. They endorse increasing sex education, yet they are attacking Sarah on her daughter’s pregnancy. They are for free sex lifestyle yet they are criticizing Sarah’s daughter. What gives? How hypocritical of them?

Why don’t they criticize her on her years as governor? Why don’t they criticize her on her job as governor. No, they prefer personal attacks while they claim the Republicans are sexists and racists, they will engage in such activities as long as it fits their agenda. Remember it was a liberal who took a law to court because a public law said it was illegal to lie to the public during campaign speeches. He argued that it violated his freedom of speech. Liberals thrive in lies and public deceit. If we made them tell the truth, they would lose more often