Yes low and behold, I have dropped down to 35% unsporting. Again, I don’t take this seriously as I was called unsporting because I killed someone spawn camping in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and then T-Bagged them. Yes, it was the ultimate form of disrespect towards another gamer however, spawn camping isn’t exactly sportsmen like conduct either. These people seek an easy kill by going to your spawn area in the game and kill you. The game gives you a 5 second spawn shield supposedly but it doesn’t last long before they can kill you. The key is to kill them first before your spawn shield wears off. I use a 21E or a SAW to do the job. By the time they can do anything, I’ve already sent off 50 rounds into their carcuses.

Obviously these people don’t view their conduct as unsporting but I’ll assure you that their conduct is just as unsporting as T-Bagging is. These people to refuse to believe that they broke rules by going into the team spawn area but they did and paid for it by getting killed there and T-Bagged.

As a general rule, I won’t T-Bag on a regular basis. I reserve that for the rule breakers that feel it’s ok to raid the spawn area. Everyone else, I’ll shoot and leave it at that. I feel that I am a fair player and don’t resort to such cheap methods to get kills.

I’m 43 years old, these younger gamers feel the need to use such cheap ways to get kills like Lag Switches. I’ve caught several gamers using such lame devices to get kills. What it does is that it creates a moving ghost and as your shooting at the ghost, the individual flips the switch again, reappears, and kills you. Although most will deny using it, you can easily prove they are. I’m almost flattered that these people are scared of playing a fair match with me because they are scared of my reflexes and know that I can kill their charactor online multiple times.