No wonder all of the media went on the attack against Sarah.  She’s one sharp lady and would intimidate 9 out of 10 liberals.  Her speach did exactly what it was supposed to do.  It regenerated the party enough to bring Republican votes for McCain.  McCain by himself was unable to do that and if you have followed my blog, you’d know that I said he had to get a strong Republican and he has his girl. 

I missed the speech since I was working but the exerps I heard today were AWESOME.  She even managed to fire a few rounds into Camp Obama.  Rush Limbaugh, who doesn’t impress easily, said he didn’t want her speech to end.  It was that good. 

The media has their panties in a wad because they felt they should have vetted her better.  Yeah that worked out well.  It took Foxnews to expose Obama’s dirty little secrets.  Mainstream media did nothing at all.  Now the media is going after Sarah for all their worth but it will backfire in the long run.  Mark my words!  Women are going to forsake Obamania and stand up next to Sarah.  It’s the same media that attempted to label Republicans as Racists and Sexists.  I guess they lied and the real racists and sexists are standing up.  Nobody has asked Obama how he can be an effective father for his children while he’s in office but somehow that question seems good to ask Sarah?  Give me a break!  The real sexists have stood up in this election and I want you all to look at the spectacle and realize they lie to the public everyday.

Sarah went after everyone that was dogging her in the 4 days prior to her speech.  To me that says she’s a good candidate.  She flat out told the media she could care less about them.  She was there to work for the American people.  Putting the drive bys in the light.  It appears the liberals have been busy on the drudge thread talking about her.  Obviously living in their parents house in the basement smoking weed was not enough to keep them from attempting to talk intelligently on her speech.