I can’t believe what I saw still to this very moment.  Charles Rangle evaded paying taxes on his vacation property’s income for 10+ years while he sat on the Ways and Means Committee and told us what our tax burden was.  This absolutely screams ethics violation to me.  His answer, though not believable, is that his wife was handling that however Charles gleefully signed his income tax paperwork every year committing fraud by denying the US government of money yearly?  Can someone please explain to me how this could happen if Charles was signing his tax forms? 

I’m sure the most useless congress/senate in the last 50 years will not say one word to Charlie because they are probably guilty of the same thing.  All while they collect their multi-million dollar paychecks and blame the oil company’s of their obscene profits.  This is all standard liberal hypocracy.  If a Republican had done such a thing, they would be demanding an ethics hearing and that Republicans head on a stick but since it’s dear old Charlie, they’ll attempt to sweep it under the fake rug so that it doesn’t become a big deal.  That’s what liberals do, they try to clean up messes such as this.  I am insulted at this.  First and foremost, he’s attempted to insult my intelligence by claiming it’s not his fault that his wife made the error.  Secondly, this man is just as guilty as Wesley Snipes and what’s worse is that he writes the tax code.  That’s sort of like hiring the fox to watch the henhouse.  Obviously, liberals have no problem with the fox.