I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. MSNBC (A Very Liberal TV News Channel) can’t beat Foxnews on it’s BEST night. Apparently it took the executives at MSNBC all summer long to admit to the facts. Political news ancho Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews have been removed in hopes of competing with Foxnews. Although the article attempts to lie and say they didn’t beat Foxnews because of the 2 Conventions. Here’s their exact words:

The network announced Monday that Olbermann and Chris Matthews have both been booted as co-hosts on political night coverage in favor of David Gregory, whose White House press corps experience may make him better suited to deliver sober and less opinion-driven assessments of the news

Here’s MSNBC’s problem as I see it.  Liberals love to demonize most businesses.  Who in the hell wants to pay for advertisements on MSNBC when they are continually demonizing their product/services?  If I were trying to make a successful business, I personally would not pay to advertise on MSNBC. 

However, I’m impressed that they also pointed out the stats as the reason Olbermann and Matthews were moved.  Here’s a direct quote from the station:

The network’s weak ratings during the conventions may have given MSNBC executives the cover they needed to boot Olbermann and Matthews. FOX News Channel topped all broadcast and cable networks with 9.2 million viewers on each of the last two nights of the convention. MSNBC got barely more than a quarter of Fox’s total –2.5 million viewers.

Hmmm seems to me that not even the liberals want to watch a liberal news channel.  I mean the stats speak for themself.  9.2 Million viewers on Foxnews to MSNBC’s 2.5 Million viewers.  So in viewing the stats, I’d have to say there were some liberal viewers watching foxnews.  So not even liberal viewers are watching a liberal channel.  So in essence, people in general won’t watch a liberal cable news station. 

The fact liberals downplay foxnews and makes fun of it while they tune in every day to watch it speaks volumes.  It’s quite hypocritical of them but we already knew Liberals were hypocritical.  When most Liberals don’t have all the facts, they will resort to making stuff up and swearing it’s a fact.