The liberal media has just been busted and should be called to the carpet for their incompetent spreading of lies.  They are scared to death of Sarah Palin to the point they blindly accepted a so-called list of books banned by Sarah with no investigation into the list.

Obviously they didn’t bother to give the list a good look to ensure accuracy.  It’s obvious that some of the books were written AFTER Sarah was out of office.  This blunder doesn’t surprise me at all.  Liberalism is based on lies to begin with.  It NEEDS lies and wordsmithing to keep it revelent.  Why else would the liberal media spread that list around even though most people can tell the list is total bullshit!

Honestly, Sarah should probably go after them for Defamation of Character charges because it can hurt her based on a politicians job requires credibility and those who spread lies are no different than the moron that wrote the lie.

Liberals attempt to use lies and wordsmithing to destroy a candidate.  They are never 100% shooting straight when they spread obvious lies.  As a Republican, I say keep the lies up and you’ll be saying Vice President Palin before you know it!

Maybe that will give the messiah a chance to perfect being a Senator before he attempts to run for President again.  Another Liberal lie, Senator Obama voted against the war….He wasn’t even a senator when the war began.