Should this even surprise anyone?  The drive by media (Liberal) has yet again, told another lie about Sarah Palin.  I remember the headlines saying some really harsh things about Sarah Palin’s pastor.  In a direct interview with both her current and former paster, all of those issues were again, another smear campaign by the left.

The left were all up in arms over an article that talked about a church program to convert gay people.  The whole article WAS NOT true.  It seems the left in this country are really desperate to go on the attack against Sarah Palin because they are scared they are going to lose the election.  Said program was to have taken place in Anchorage…not Wasilla. 

Everyone that knows people on the left, know they don’t let a little thing such as the truth get in the way of THEIR good story.  Like I’ve said before, you guys are screwing up and handing her and McCain votes.  Please, keep it up.  You guys are really showing the world how world class sexists work.