Both the Hard Left and the Liberal Media need to start shooting straight with America and stop the continual lies about Sarah Palin.  They are losing the election right now and none of the above are intelligent enough to know that you are not helping your candidate.  What your doing is setting the stage for a huge backlash against your candidate.  Obviously they have not learned one damn thing since the Bush Vs Kerry election.  These lies are souring the public opinion on Obama as you will see in November.  I hope these guys have lots of blues tunes and alcohol for November…they will need it after Lord Obama loses his butt.

The hard left are still spouting the lies that if you don’t fall in lockstep with them, you are a racist.  I’m willing to admit there is still racism in America but it isn’t as prevelent as they think it is.  I find it hard to believe a black man could have found the successes that Obama has found if racism is as prevelent as they say it is.  This man has graduated from Harvard, he was a successful lawyer to the point he was asked to be a college professor, he was a state senator, and a US Senator.  Would he have actually done half of that if racism was still alive and well in the US?  Absolutely not!  I’m am so sick and tired of hearing how if Obama loses the election that racism is somehow the cause.  According the the left, it can’t be about Obama’s stance on issues.  I’ll spell it out for the idiots right here in my blog.  I don’t give a damn if Obama was white, his stance on issues suck!  Therefore, he sucks and I wouldn’t vote for him anyways.  My main problems with Obama are as follows!

1) Asked to comment on gas prices, Obama said the only problem he had was how fast the prices rose.  Therefore, he doesn’t care if I’m paying $10 a gallon.

2) There are no voting present as President!  He voted over 130 times as present, not yes or no.  This shows me Obama is spineless.  The president makes tough decisions and doesn’t have the luxury of voting present.

3) His position on gas prices is that of someone who isn’t too intelligent.  I say that because he blames the prospectors who forecast oil based on it’s future.  According to Obama, it isn’t because there is no future for oil since we’re importing 79% of our oil.  This is hypocritical and shows he lacks the intelligence to be president.

4) Obama would meet with Ahmedinajad with no pre-conditions but he refused to go on foxnews until recently.  It took him 19 months to go to foxnews for an interview.  Doesn’t that ring hypocracy now?

5) Obama personally insulted most of my friends and I here in the southern United States by saying that I and my friends “Cling to guns and religion during troubled times and we show antipathy towards anyone that doesn’t look like us.”  I was offended by the statement!  I have friends that are from just about every ethnic background.  The biggest kick in the groin over that statement was it was directed at people from the south.

6) Black Values preached at Obama’s church is racism packaged as a religion.  <end of story>

7) If Obama was a boxer, I’m pretty sure he’d be one with a weak chin.  He’s so easily offended that I think he’d break down and cry if Ahmadinajad got in his face.  He can’t handle a heated debate.  We’ll see that card house fall apart soon enough.

9) Obama believes he can stop the war on terror by talking to Al Quaeda.  You can’t negotiate with someone who really wants to kill you.  The only thing you can do is to DEFEAT such people.  If you kill ’em then you’ve fixed the problem. 

10) The Leftists are saying “Jesus was a community organizer …”  They went on to compare Palin to Ponchus Pilot.  This is a far stretch that Robby Knevil could make that jump.  Lefties like to say that religion and politics should be seperate but now they are jumping on the bandwagon.  So in essence what they are doing is trying to solidify Lord Barrack’s status.

11) Obama is attempting to lie to the American people by saying we are in a recession.  It’s so far from the truth that it isn’t funny.  Gas is at $101 a barrel, the American dollar is still crushing the Euro Dollar, and we haven’t had 2 quarters of no economic growth but he wants us to believe we need him to fix the economy.  A saying comes to my mind, if it isn’t broken…don’t fix it!

12) He said “Soldiers are terrorizing families in the middle of the night.”  This was total bullshit and I will always oppose anyone who talks about my brothers-in-arms like that.

13) Obama stated “I voted against the war in Iraq!”  HOW?  Obama was not in office at the start of the Iraq war so how in the hell did he vote against it?  This is a obvious lie which he’s based his candidacy on.

14) Liberals hate the military!  Why should we have anyone in office to be commander-in-chief that hates the military?  Bill Clinton crippled the military and the Veterans Administration with his cuts to the point that George Bush had to rebuild it.  Bill felt that he should cut the military and VA not reform the earmark idiots in congress.  Earmark spending should be ended and done away with.

15) A community organizer is not any kind of presidential credential.  What that tells me is that he’s all for people who refuse to get jobs and that somehow the rest of the country should suppport the idiots that can’t get a job and keep it.  People who lost their job do not fall into my category.  It’s mainly the people who won’t take a job because they do not want to work.  Michael Crook fits into the category of someone who refuses to get a job and keep it.  I don’t give a damn if he disappears off the face of the earth, I would not lose any sleep because he’s homeless.

These are just some of my reasons for not voting for Obama.  Do not insult me by saying I’m a racist because I don’t like Obama.  Like I said earlier, the color of his skin is of no consequence to me.  I feel my reasons are as good as any reason to vote FOR him.  My opinion is that he should finish his 1st term as senator and maybe get one more term in before he runs for president because I’m sure he has no clue about Washington as he’s only spent 2 years in the senate before he attempted to run for president.  I don’t give a damn what the career field you are in, 2 years experience DOES NOT make you an expert.