Hugo Chavez is probably more unstable than nitro.  I’m sure if he were to go to a mental hospital, he’d be committed.  This is the type of person the left in this country loves to praise.  Danny Glover (Actor) was invited to go see Hugo Chavez and somehow worked out a deal to make a movie in his country. 

This is the exact type of person we are getting oil from.  The left in this country supports us getting oil from Hugo and will do anything to keep us dependent upon Hugo.  This is exactly why I support drill baby drill.  As soon as we start drilling our own oil, we can tell Hugo where to get off and how much we’d like to see him assassinated.

If I had to guess Hugo seems to be suffering from Manic Depression (Bi-Polar).  That would explain his irrational behaviour at times.  I will say this on the matter though.  The left in this country attempts to say they are more intelligent than Republicans but offer praise to morons like Hugo Chavez.  They seem to gravitate towards communist and tyrants like Hugo Chavez.  If they are that intelligent then why do they like mentally deranged tyrants more than fellow citizens? 

I look forward to the US drilling for oil and tossing morons like Hugo Chavez to the side and telling him to kiss my american ass!  Once he’s lost his status as a oil source, nobody else in the world would have no use for Hugo either.  At which time, he and his shitty little country will become isolated until he gets overthrown and dies a untimely death.