Franklin Delano Roosevelt was to Liberal politics as Ronald Reagan was to the Republicans.  Given the fact that liberals have attempted to re-write history through doctoring up the history books, which I think is wrong and dishonest.  According to most LIBERAL textbooks, Ronald Reagan had nothing to do with the soviet union crumbling.  Their explanation is that the Soviets spent more than their Gross National Product.  Pressed most of them will either act ignorant of the fact that the Soviets were attempting to develop “Star Wars” BEFORE Reagan could.  I highly praise Reagan for his tactics which eliminated the cold war THAT FDR started. 

Since Liberals try dishonest politics, I felt I should look at THEIR hero under a microscope.  The only difference being, I will not lie and create dishonest statements about FDR.  I will however say basic truths and I really could care less who is offended over my summarization.

1.  His family made their money in the tea trade but lost all of their money during the panic of 1857.  His family moved back to China and they started a new pharmaseutical business based on opium.  So not only did his family become rich but they made medicines.  Obviously this is BEFORE, evil Pharmaseutical became a leftist rant.  In a way, he was a drug dealer because he was providing opium products. 

2.  He married his niece.  Jeeze, At least Bill Clinton married OUTSIDE the family.  Contrary to popular belief, Bill Clinton’s family tree still forks.  Guess the Roosevelt family tree failed to branch at that point.  If they had gotten a divorce, I wonder if the judge would have said you are now uncle and niece.

3.  Roosevelt had many affairs outside of his marriage to his niece…and we thought Bill was bad.  Bill had nothing on FDR.

4.  Roosevelt supported the Boy Scouts Of America.  Oooo he couldn’t have been a Democrat as most of them scoff at the name alone.  Evidently, FDR had no issues with the scouts refusing to let gay teens in.

5.  In a controversial move, Roosevelt gave Executive Order 6102 which made all privately held gold of American citizens property of the US Treasury. This gold confiscation by executive order was argued to be unconstitutional, but Roosevelt’s executive order asserts authority to do so based on the “War Time Powers Act” of 1917. Gold bullion remained illegal for Americans to own until President Ford rescinded the order in 1974.[41][42][43][44] .  How criminally motivated and corrupt can a government get?  They stole gold away from citizens and gave them nothing in return.  This wreaks of criminal activity to me.  This is probably the thing that the lefties loved at the time because the government took what didn’t belong to the government.

6.  Roosevelt tried to keep his campaign promise by cutting the regular federal budget, including 40% cuts to veterans’ benefits and cuts in overall military spending. He removed 500,000 veterans and widows from the pension rolls and slashed benefits for the remainder. Protests erupted, led by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Roosevelt held his ground, but when the angry veterans formed a coalition with Senator Huey Long and passed a huge bonus bill over his veto, he was defeated. He succeeded in cutting federal salaries and the military and naval budgets. He reduced spending on research and education—there was no New Deal for science until World War II began.  Oh it’s the same old tired Liberal trick, take money from veterans and the military while government spending increases. 

7.  Unemployment fell dramatically in Roosevelt’s first term, from 25% when he took office to 14.3% in 1937. Afterward, however, it increased to 19.0% in 1938 (‘a depression within a depression’), 17.2% in 1939 because of various added taxation (Undistributed profits tax in Mar.

8.  On December 6, 1941, President Roosevelt read an intercepted Japanese message and told his assistant Harry Hopkins, “This means war.”[77] He never warned Admiral Husband Kimmel or Lt. Gen. Walter Short after reception of the message before the Pearl Harbor attack.  To think that George Bush was publicly criticized for 9/11 and he got away with this?  This was irresponsible behavior for a president to engage in.  We knew pearl harbor was going to get bombed and we did nothing.  Guess that’s why Liberals claim George Bush knew because their hero FDR knew.

9.  Internment of Japanese, Italian, and German citizens.  FDR confiscated All Japanese-Americans possessions/businesses, personal belongings, and arrested them to send them to camps around the country to imprison them.  Just think, the lefties call Republicans racists.  Again, government theft seems to be a recurring theme here.  Must be why the lefties love FDR so much.  He resorted to criminal behavior.  Our federal government became just like members of the mafia because the mafia uses these tactics too.  The government was taken to court over this mess and Ronald Reagan wrote an apology for FDR plus paid a civil suit for FDR’s actions as related to incarserating Japanese, Italians, and Germans.

10.  FDR started the cold war with Russia.  It’s so ironic that a leftie started the cold war that a Republican had to end.  During March 1945, he sent strongly worded messages to Stalin accusing him of breaking his Yalta commitments over Poland, Germany, prisoners of war and other issues. When Stalin accused the western Allies of plotting a separate peace with Hitler behind his back, Roosevelt replied: “I cannot avoid a feeling of bitter resentment towards your informers, whoever they are, for such vile misrepresentations of my actions or those of my trusted subordinates.

11.  Beginning in the 1960s he was charged[87] with not acting decisively enough to prevent or stop the Holocaust which killed 6 million Jews. Critics cite episodes such as when, in 1939, the 936 Jewish refugees on board the SS St. Louis were denied asylum and not allowed into the United States.  No, a Liberal Politician was charged?  Hell, call CNN obviously this is all news to Liberals.

12.  FDR is responsible for creating the United Nations.  The purpose of the UN was to stop wars but they have NEVER upheld their purpose since they’re induction to politics.  Like a hungry pig, the UN expanded itself to get more money by investigating Global Warming claims.  This organization should have been killed a long time ago because it has yet to serve it’s purpose. 

My opinion is that he was a mediocre president.  Absolutely nothing to write home about.  His only claim to fame was he was smart enough to lead us out of the depression and some say he did a poor job of that.  Here is MY grade breakdown of his presidency:

Economics:  He scores a “C+.”  Critics say his economic reforms made recovering from the recession a long drawn out process and could have been done quicker.

Human Relations:  He scores an “F.”  He incarserated people based on their ethnic background.  This is racist to it’s very core. 

Integrity:  He scores an “F”  He legally stole gold from our citizens.  Tax them or whatever.  The government should NEVER steal possessions from it’s citizens.  Although this is exactly why the lefties loved FDR.  He gave them social programs while he played robin hood.

Commander-in-Chief:  He scores an “F.”  He knowingly put our troops in danger by ignoring the intercepted message.  He had a moral obligation to let military authorities know this information in which he got caught playing a game of “I Got A SECRET!” which resulted in military deaths.  I guess the SOB won that game!

Diplomacy:  He scores an “F.”  He couldn’t deal with a communist regime even while what he thrusted upon America was Socialistic ideas backed by Communistic ideology.

FDR was a joke as a president.  He was nothing more than a common criminal that was capable of making people like him as he was screwing them out of their money.  Most of his social programs have ceased to help anyone and they continue to drain the taxpayers money.  The people who receive money from these programs are part of the problem.  The people who need these programs have to get lawyers to get them while hookers and drug pushers don’t really need a lawyer to get on them. 

I chose to list his failures just to prove that he wasn’t as good as liberals say he was.  Like every president, he did some things right and others he sucked at it.  You won’t find any of these truths in those textbooks written by Liberals.  Those same liberals propped this man up because he represented their pathetic points of view.  Such points as “It’s ok to steal from the rich and give to the poor” and “It’s ok, you don’t have to work, just get on social security.”  Such points of view promote laziness from people who’d rather sit home all day and not do anything productive.  “Ohhh your a drug addict, it’s ok, we’ll provide you with money to live on so you can prostitute yourself for drug money.”  In short, nothing is your fault, your a victim of something.  To say a drug user is a victim is to ignore the fact they got themselves hooked on a substance that their body said they need more of to survive.  Seems to me, these people were willing victims which is a oxymoron.  They are a victim of themselves.

You can go to any leftist blog site and see FDR’s accomplishments but you won’t see the whole picture of FDR on their site because liberals will lie about history that doesn’t compliment themselves.