Senator John Cornyn has admirably suspended his re-election campaign until further notice.  He’s visited Houston, Galveston, etc. to look at the damage caused by Ike and he’s watching to make sure things get done to restore those areas to normal. 

We’ll see how much integrity Representative Noriega has.  Senator Cornyn is proving he knows what a priority is and what can wait.  If Noriega has any integrity, he’ll follow Senator Cornyn’s lead and go look at the devastation and talk to people and work with Senator Cornyn to get the good people in Houston and other affected areas returned to normal before firing up the political campaign again.  I suspect that Noriega, will fire up his campaign to take advantage of Senator Cornyn’s downtime.  After all, Rick Noriega used Veteran’s day to hound the press and make critical comments about Senator Cornyn.  Senator Cornyn on the other hand, suspended his campaign to celebrate Veteran’s Day.  In an ironic twist Noriega is a veteran who used the day to further his politics instead of remembering veterans who’ve given more than he has and has paid high price for it.

I’ve been keeping track of everything Senator Cornyn has done for some time now and this is not election time interest that he’s taken.  This coincides with the high calibur of an individual that he is.  He cares about the people of this state to the point he’s willing to spend countless hours arguing his point in the senate.  You have to ask “Is Rick Noriega willing to argue for Texas or will he agree to anything the Democrats put in front of him?”  He espouts the Democratic talking points to the point that I say no, he won’t!  He’s all for ruining the US economy to figure out how to change the weather.  He’s all for a global warming tax in which the government would figure out how much you owe for the privilege of breathing at the same time he’ll be figuring out how to tax your death.