I mentioned that Senator Cornyn has suspended his campaign because the people of Texas, that have been hurt by Hurricane Ike, need him.  Like a Beacon of hope, Senator Cornyn was there for them and is working hard to get their situations to normalize.  He attempted to pull all ads that were scheduled to go out but couldn’t stop them all.  3 stations couldn’t pull the ads.

Representative Noriega is whining that Senator Cornyn renigged.  No he didn’t, Only 3 stations couldn’t be pulled out how how many?  50 stations were set to air the ad and only 3 couldn’t be stopped.  What was Representative Noriega doing during the Hurricane?  He was in Killeen Texas and then at the Bell County Democratic Headquarters.

Meanwhile Senator Cornyn had stuff planned for a while but was able to cancel his committments.  Obama was able to cancel his Saturday Night Live appearance, the Astro’s cancelled their game, The Houston Texas were able to cancel their game, but yet Representative Noriega was unable to cancel his appearances.  Noriega’s excuses were that he’d planned this for a long time.  Fine but this shows Noriega isn’t ready for more responsibility as a Texas State Senator.  Senator Cornyn sent a strong message to everyone in the state of Texas.  He sent the message that his voters are more important than campaigning.  Senator Cornyn sent the right message to the voters.  Senator Cornyn’s message was “I’ve cancelled my schedule, what can I do to help?”  The message I got from Noriega is I’m too busy to deal with a natural disaster, I’ll take care of you guys when I can fit you into my schedule.

Noriega shows absolutely no leadership or integrity by campaigning while Senator Cornyn suspends his campaign to help the people in Texas that need him.  It’s easy to see which candidate has his priorities in order and you really should vote for someone who is going to stand behind you not someone you have to have stand in front of you to make sure he’s where he should be.  When MY senator tells me he’s got my back, I’d rather have the person who will be there when I turn around.

Noriega has family and friends in the affected areas but he couldn’t be there for them?  If not for nothing else but for moral support?  What kind of politician turns his back on his friends and family for an election?  They have votes too and unfortunately for Noriega, people do notice who’s making them a priority and who’s abandoning them for political gain.  Another unforunate thing is most Texans don’t need a poltician that feels compelled to apologize for the state.  The state of Texas doesn’t need to apologize to anyone for anything.  Maybe if Noriega had any common sense, he’d apologize to Texans for not having our backs in the time of trouble.