Leftists have hacked Sarah Palin’s email.  These people are so damn disgusting that they feel they can justify their criminal activity.  They are so damn afraid of Sarah that they feel entitled to look at her email.  This is what DESPERATE people do.  I would not want to be the dumbass that has her emails prominently displayed on their website as the Secret Service have now started on the case.

Of course the same idiots that hacked her email account are running around trying to dig up dirt on her.  They attempt to justify their crime by saying she was using her yahoo account to send official emails so that she could destroy them.  What did they find in her email account?  Personal emails.  I don’t give a shit if she corresponded with the Lt Governor via email to talk person things.  THAT was absolutely none of your business.  This is exactly the type of behaviour one can expect of the far left.

It appears to me that lefties aren’t happy McCain chose Sarah Palin.  Why?  Because she isn’t one of the main charactors in politics.  They don’t know a lot about Sarah so in the absense of facts, the left will start making stuff up.  One of my conversation with a leftie on Drudge, someone who calls himself Taxman, attempted to tell me Sarah did not pay taxes on her per diem.  When I cornered him for proof, he had none!  This is how desperate these people are.  This guy is so looney, he obviously didn’t understand that per diem is thrown into the batch on the W-2.  If you received any taxable payments from your employer, it is listed on the W-2.  Then came the whining, well she won’t release her tax forms.  Well do you think she might have conspired with Charlie Rangel?  I didn’t get an answer but I’m sure I probably wouldn’t have liked whatever deranged answer someone on the left would give me for such a statement.  LMFAO

My answer to all of this is you can’t make unfounded allegations against someone when you have no proof they did anything wrong and these people are entitled to their privacy.  Let’s look an obvious scenario that would drive the leftist nuts crazy in quick fashion.  Let’s say McCain/Palin wins.  Let’s just say she used her power to read your emails.  This would send the lunatics on the left up the wall so what gives them the right to engage in the same behavior. 

If someone hacked my email account they would probably find emails from friends, viagra advertisements and a bevy of spam email that you’d have to clean out daily.  I don’t have anything remotely interesting in my email.  I even have a few emails from Mitch Parker who emailed me to say that Senator Cornyn read my blog.

The best way to keep unwanted morons out of your email is to select what I call military passwords to keep them out.  Military passwords include Caps/ small letters, numbers, and special charactors.  An example would be *lgw54A17.  Hackers would never get such a password.  BTW, this is only an example.  You’d never get into my account with that password.  Nice try though.