I have never in my life seen so many rebels without a clue making wild unfounded accusations before.  I’ve just about heard it all in the last few weeks.

Sarah didn’t pay taxes on her per diem.  Ok, this is the absolutely stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.  You can’t get around that because the information is listed on the W-2.  You’d have to be a complete moron to buy this one.

Sarah used her email to conduct state business to avoid rules on the destruction of the email.  Yeah, whatever, obviously your reaching on that one.  There was no proof in her email.  Without proof, you look stupid!  Keep reaching, maybe you should call the Wasilla Library, maybe she has a overdue book you can harp on.

Lindsey Lohan made the statement that Sarah’s pasture attempted to change people’s sexuality by prayer.  This is false, he had interest in his congregation so he passed it on.  The program in question was not in Wasilla (Where Sarah’s church is).  It was in Anchorage Alaska (Home of $5 beer in the 80’s).  Now really, do you lefties want to talk about pastors?  We could talk about someone’s pastor who packaged racism and sold it as religion.  I didn’t think you really wanted to go there!  Let’s face facts here, Linsay Lohan isn’t the bright bulb on the tree.  In fact, if she didn’t have good looks and a great body, she probably wouldn’t have made it in Hollywood.  It wasn’t brains that brought her to the dance.  Most of the actresses in Hollywood that make it on looks and body usually don’t have any longevity in the business.  They get old and that is usually the end of their career in front of the cameras.  I’ll be impressed if Ms. Lohan makes it 10 more years in Hollywood.  Ms. Lohan from what I’ve read is currently in a Lesbian relationship and has been through rehab like 100 times or so.  How’s that working for her?  It’s obvious to me that her alcohol and drug abuse could be based on her unhappiness with her life.  I mean if you were truly in love, you’d forgo the drug abuse to spend time with your partner (Whoever he or she is).

She banned books!  Yeah keep telling yourself that.  Here’s the reality of that situation.  One of the voters had a problem with a book and Sarah asked about the procedures to convey to the voter who had a problem with the book.  There is a difference between banning a book and finding out the proceedures said voter had to go through to have a book banned from the public library.

She had a tanning bed put in the governor’s mansion.  Ok and your point is?  Bill Clinton had a running track put into the white house, do we really want to throw stones at each others glass house?  I’m sure the tanning bed was cheaper than the running track.

What about troopergate?  Ooo, the liberal mind reaching for anything as they are falling off the cliff.  Ok, the trooper in question used a stun gun on a 10 year old.  Don’t you think that this is someone who definitely shouldn’t be wearing a badge?  If he’s willing to abuse a 10 year old with a stun gun off-duty and not conducting an arrest, what will he do to an adult?  This trooper is unfit for duty in my opinion.

She can’t be a mom and Vice President!  Ooo, how sexist of you?  I’m sure you believe that Sarah should be barefoot and pregnant inside the home too.  Your sexist beliefs have outed you because you haven’t asked Obama if he can be a dad, husband, and president.  Your focus is on Sarah and that’s sexist.

Obama told me She doesn’t have any experience.  LMFAO, and Obama does?  Let’s face some realities here.  Obama has the least amount of experience of all 4 people running.  Obama’s Community Organizer title was nothing more than finding jobs for and registering illegal aliens to vote.  While that was breaking the law, how much experience did he gain to be president?  He was a state Senator!  Yes he was but he voted present instead of yes or no 140 times.  So he’s afraid to make unpopular decisions and what experience does he gain refusing to make decisions?  He was a US Senator!  Ooo, reaching again I see.  He spent 2 years in the US Senate and during that two years he never voted against party lines.  The other 2 years he was running for president.  How much change is going to happen if you don’t play it down the middle and do what’s best for your state/country?  Voting along party lines isn’t the change we’re looking for.  Sarah was a mayor for 2 terms and governor of the state of Alaska.  You lefties seem to think big deal they don’t have many people.  The size of the state is irrevalent!  She still ran a state.  She still has a higher approval rating than say the democrat controlled congress.  Obama hasn’t run a business, he hasn’t run a city, hell he hasn’t run a state.  A law degree degree does not substitute for experience.  In fact, Obama hasn’t written any major bills to fix any problems, he’s never voted against party lines so the change he’s offering you is more social programs, higher taxes, and a strict liberal ideology.  Only a complete idiot would think that businesses are going to pay their higher taxes and not pass it on to the customer.  So in the end, the American taxpayers will pay higher taxes and higher prices for goods and services.  We can’t afford Obama’s strategy.

I have no doubts that the left will keep reaching until they find something to grab ahold of.  It shows a measure of desperation at this point in the election.  Obama’s struggling in the polls and can’t seal the deal.  Mainly because lot Hillary supporters have jumped off the happy ship Obama to support McCain/Palin.  This can’t be good for Obama’s numbers.