The Rally organizers sent Hillary and Sarah invitations to attend the rally.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.  I believe it is a non-partison cause.  Now where they went wrong, just because Hillary backed out of the invitation Sarah’s invitation was recanted.  Here are the problems as I see them.

1)  Now nobody will associate the rally’s purpose because it has been overshadowed by the political controversy it has created. 

2) You have now just showed the public that it is not a non-partison rally because a Republican was disinvited. 

3) You’ve just created an atmosphere where Republicans can say that the Democrats conspired to have Sarah’s invitation revoked.

4) Democrats will mostly likely be the only ones in attendence because most Republicans will look at this as a “Your not welcome” sign.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the rally had a very pure agenda…to protest a nuclear Iran.  However, that message is lost when you look at all of the controversies that happened and the message does get lost.

I believe the Jewish organization has made some bad decisions and it will hurt their cause because you can’t conduct non-partison rally’s this way.  Your going to make some people stay a long way away from your rally.  In a way, most Americans will feel like they too are not welcome.  However, I’m the first person to say they had the right but I’m not sure if they quite thought the whole thing out before they opened their mouths.