I know I say liberal democrat a lot but I’m not criticizing the Democrats who are law abiding citizens.  Most of my ire is directed at those who feel they are entitled to break US laws and continuously have the WRONG answers to the right question.  Pretty much like the idiot that hacked Sarah Palin’s account who attempted to justify it by saying she was conducting state business through her yahoo account.  The other category of Democrat that I can’t stand are the ones espousing Obama’s double standards which I talked about yesterday in a blog.  If your not sure what I’m talking about, it’s Obama’s attempt to execute a guilt by association plea between McCain and Rush Limbaugh.  Obama says we can’t question his associations with William Aires, Tony Rezco, or Reverend Jermiah wright because that’s guilt by association.  It’s a crock of crap.  What’s good for Obama should also be good for McCain.

The Liberals I speak out against are the kooks, the nuts, and the hard left.  These groups engulf Moveon.org, the daily kooks, The Celebrities that can’t keep their mouths shut, and the violent protesters.  These low-life’s are the anti-war left who blame the troops for the war instead of their politicians.  They have no patriotism and no shame in constantly running down the country.  When MOST of them made a pretty damn good life for themselves in the United States.

I’m totally against re-writing history at the expense of creating a lie for our kids to learn.  President Reagan did end the cold war that FDR started.  The liberal version of the story doesn’t ad up.  Their version is that the Soviet Union went broke.  Well why did they go broke?  To develop star wars before the US.  Then Reagan was directly responsible anyway you cut it that’s what happened.  I’m against changing the definition of words like patriotism to make people think they are patriots if they pay their taxes.  This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!