It appears that Senator Harry Reid and Senator Carl Levin both have a problem in thanking the troops for a successful surge which they said wouldn’t work.  The shameful part of this story is that they (Both Reid and Levin) still say the surge didn’t work.  Even Obama was smart enough to acknowledge the surge had some success.

Senator Carl Levin is Michigan’s Senator.  He’s never served one day in the United States Military although he is the chairman of the Armed Forces Committee.  It’s funny how lefties appoint a troop hater to be in charge of the Armed Forces committee.  Senator Harry Reid also never served a day in the military. 

Both Senators are the most anti-troop people in the hollowed halls of Congress.  Both Senators sleep easy sending our soldiers into battle in harm’s way but lack the courage or guts to support them and their mission. 

To really see how wrong both Senators are, you have to have read the soldier’s creed.  It says “I will bear true faith and allegiance to my superiors and my government.”  Soldiers hope politicians will do the right thing by them.  They hope that if they die on the battlefield, they will be taken home to be buried.  They hope that if they are captured, the government will do everything they can to get them released.  They also hope their government supports them which is the VERY least they can do since they are the ones that sent them into the battle in the first place!  Currently with the Democrats as the majority, they don’t have that.  What they have are politicians who have threatened to make sure they don’t have the equipment they need to go to war and survive.  They have politicians who’d love to cut the funding on them thus getting them killed in action.  I think the Soldier’s Creed needs to be rewritten to say how things really are between our do-nothing congress and our troops.