Appropriately titled from where I sit.  This aptly describes Rick Noriega’s campaign for the senate.  Noriega vowed at the start of his campaign to run on his record and to run a positive campaign.  He said he was tired of “Gotcha Politics” and “Cynical Politics.”  He even said “It’s time for politicians to walk the talk.”  When asked for an agreement on a positive campaign, Noriega outright refused and his spokesman said “The Cornyn campaign must be joking.”  In my opinion, it’s honorable to abide by what you’ve promised during the election, it shows the metal of the individual after he’s elected.  If your lying to me now to get elected, how do I know you’ll abide by your promises after you’ve been elected.

Senator John Cornyn has vowed to run a clean campaign yet Rick Noriega is refusing to live up to his word.  If he can’t live up to his word during his election bid, it’s only natural that he wouldn’t live up to his word if he got elected. 

I don’t have to tell you, the voters, that people who run negative campaigns do so because they aren’t winning voters over.  He can’t win running a positive campaign.  This shows desperation to it’s very core.  He can’t win an election using ideas and his personal record so he goes to tear someone down to make that person appear unelectable.  That strategy has it’s roots down deep in the Democrat party.  It’s a strategy that’s dishonest, it’s based on lies, and it’s based on deception.

So far this year, Noriega has run 63 negative press releases and they are tame compared to the vitriol he spews on the Stump.  All while he preached that we should run a positive campaign.  It’s always been my opinion when someone does that to me, my theme song turns to “If You Want Blood, You Got It.”  However, that’s just me and not Senator Cornyn.  Senator Cornyn has vowed to run a positive campaign for the future of Texas/Texans.  Noriega has proven that he can’t win in the arena of ideas.

In my opinion, Noriega should stock up on his BB King albums and alcohol, he may need them November the 6th after he’s lost the election.