Yesterday in Florida, Governor Palin spoke to 60,000 people.  Some waited in line for 5 hours to hear her speak.  What’s significant about this?  Obama’s Vice President hasn’t had that kind of reception yet.  The most he’s spoken to has been 3,000 people at one time.  I have a hard time believing that this is a one of a kind fluke.  It’s my belief that McCain/Palin is winning the popularity vote one city at a time.

Maybe Obama is running against Sarah Palin.  She’s drawing in Obamaesk crowds of people into her speaches.  Believe me when I tell you that Sarah Palin has done what McCain hoped she’d do and that’s energize the base.  I stand by my earlier comment that this is what McCain had to do to win.  The base would not have energized if he offered up a Democrat running mate like Joseph Libermann. 

The latest polls show that Obama is losing North Dakota and Montana.  I can only guess that they were offended by the bitter clingers statement Obama made.  Both states are huge hunting and fishing states.  The left only thought southerners were offended by such a statement.  Honestly, your kidding yourself if you don’t see the election moving away from Obama.  I can’t honestly see what he attempted to gain by insulting southerners in California but it came at a high price in the aftermath of such statements.

As far as I can see, November 5th will be the end of a losing run for the presidency for Obama.  Obama appears to be lashing out with negative ads and that tells me Obama is desperate.  A Different kind of politician?  I think not.  We’re down to the last few days before the election and everyone seems to be paying attention.  Obama has way too much going against him:  Obama TV didn’t help, Counting on Hillary Voters didn’t help, Operation Chaos didn’t help, Reverend Jeremiah Wright didn’t help, William Aires didn’t help, Tony Rezco didn’t help, Negative Ads backfired, Negative Attack Ads on Sarah Palin didn’t help, Criminal Activity didn’t help (Hacking Sarah Palin’s Yahoo Account), George Soro’s Millions of dollars didn’t help, Liberal Rants about an Obama Loss signifies Racism backfired, Obama Playing the race card backfired, Sexist comments about Sarah Palin haven’t helped, Ignorant celebrities didn’t help, attacking the troops hasn’t helped, his “Defeat” attitude hasn’t helped, all the rude comments about McCain’s age haven’t helped, his treasonous plots backfired, and his VP pick hasn’t worked out well for him either.  All of these plots and scheme’s have all backfired and Obama handlers will have to take the brunt of the blame.  The strategy that they employed sucked. 

The clear winning strategy was abandoned early on in the primaries to go negative.  Negative ads work as long as you only use a few but the Obama campaign used multiple negative ads which I’ve said all along will backfire.  Negative campaign ads are not like aspirin or Motrin, i.e., if one works, more works better.