John McCain announced yesterday that he suspended his campaign to help solve financial crisis involving Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Obama refused to suspend his campaign which means he took the bait hook, line, and sinker.

The Mortgage crisis could be the albatros that sinks our economy if it isn’t handled properly.  Make no mistake this is a National crisis.  Obama’s answer was let’s go ahead with the debates, Washington can fix this without our presence. 

I’ll explain why I said Obama took the bait.  At the debate when the arguments turn to the economy and Obama starts stating he has the experts to fix the financial crisis, John McCain has a very valid argument.  McCain can merely say that there was a crisis in the middle of the elections, he suspended his campaign to do the people’s work.  What would happen if Obama were elected and was on vacation when trajedy struck?  Would he rush back to Washington or would he say let Washington take care of it, I’m on vacation?

I’m not sure which of Obama’s brain dead advisors told him not to go back to Washington but they made a grave mistake.  This clearly portrays Obama as a elitist and NOT a team player.  It also raises the question, in my mind, is Obama really ready to lead.  It’s apparant he doesn’t recognize a legitament problem facing Americans and he’s not willing to end business as usual to deal with the problem.  He feels the debate is more important than solving a national crisis.  You can have all of the experts in your corner you want but if your going to downplay a crisis and not take action when America needs you, they are worthless.  His attitude may very well cost him the highest office in the US. 

This was a right decision and a great move on McCain’s part.  Additionally, it delays the debates by a week and also delays the vice presidential debates by a week.