Here’s the sad truth about the collapses of both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Don’t believe either side when they claim the other is involved in the mess.  Chris Dodd (D) received the highest amount of money from both organizations.  Second was Obama (D).  It has come out that McCain received 150,000 from these organizations.

I think it’s dispicable that the people who are fixing this problem are the same people that enabled the problem to happen in the first place.  Chris Dodd was head of the Finance Oversight committee.  Why didn’t he warn us?  Barney Frank didn’t warn us.  So the Democrats did contribute to the failure by their silence.

Another thing to keep in mind, President Bush’s staff failed him on this.  Paulson should have said something to President Bush month’s if not years ago but he didn’t. 

Here’s a novel idea for Republicans and Democrats, this was a JOINT failure of the 2 parties.  In my opinion, maybe we need a bill that forces the finance oversight committe, the treasury secretary, and the president to COMMUNICATE to each other and STOP playing “I Gotta Secret.”

In my opinion there should be an investigation on this.  I already have a good idea what happened and why Democrats refused to sound alarms.  I think Dodd knew things were going poorly for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  He didn’t sound any alarms because the whole strategy was to blame bush even though bush doesn’t know.  My knee jerk reaction would be to fire everyone on the oversight committe and get new members in that put the good of the nation first and party second.  These people are incompetent and should NOT be allowed the room to fix the problem that they created.  Paulson should be interviewed and questioned if Dodd and the others told him anything.  If Paulson knew things were going bad then he should be fired for not advising the president on the problems.

As far as the presidential candidates, neither one of them should be able to say the republicans did it or the Democrats because they both played a roll in the problem.  I heard that the reason the big white house meeting didn’t work out is because of Obama.  Apparently, he let the meeting get out of control and he was shouting and others were shouting back.  Several people in the meeting walked out of the meeting.  I’m giving this story credibility because Harry Reid talked about injecting presidential politics into the matter was counter productive.  So much for Obama’s claims that he is a leader.  If he can’t control a meeting then how is it that he is going to run the country?  Hell I’ve chaired meetings before and I had a better command of the meeting, maybe I should have run for president.  John McCain didn’t raise his voice nor did he say a word at the meeting.  So please, tell me how McCain is a hot head.  It’s a good fantasy started by the left but really holds no water.