It appears to me that each side says they won the debate.  In my opinion, they both did well.  There was no knockout punch, there wasn’t anything there to define the candidates.  I mean Obama did say McCain was right 8 times.  Neither candidate won in my opinion.  The whole debate was a stalemate and that’s putting it nicely.

The left was all disappointed that Obama wasn’t rude and interrupting McCain every other sentence.  The left pretty much endorses such tactics and cry when it’s done to them because they didn’t get to talk nor make their point.

Obama should lose points by insisting he was against anything before he was a senator.  The losers aren’t intelligent enough to realize that Obama couldn’t have voted for or against anything since he wasn’t a sitting senator then.  Hind sight is 100%, Obama can say anything at all at this juncture because he wasn’t involved in the decisions and didn’t see any of the intelligence data on this.  However, he can run around (After the fact) saying he was against it and the liberal left will swoon like cats on cat nip.

I was on drudge today reading all of the comments and it appears in my view neither candidate outdid the other.  If anything I’d give the tipping point to McCain because Obama kept saying McCain was right.