I have read about this on drudge and man can I tell you a lot of the arguments on the left are BS from the starting gate.  One leftie attempted to call Marines Government property which is pretty damn insulting to begin with but he then attempted to say that soldiers are slaves because servant is a slave.  Well just go tell your Messiah he’s your slave and then tell me how that worked out for you.

The case has some merit.  Murtha refused to apologize when the courts had cleared the defendant in court.  He still stands by his words.  So in essence, John Murtha refuses to acknowledge the courts decision making him libal for slander charges.  Had John Murth abandoned the leftist talking points and been logical, he could have prevented this from going to court by issuing a public apology.  The left at the time wanted the US voters to get fed up with the war in Iraq by pushing such stories out to the public. 

There is no question that John Murtha attacked the marine first denying him his right to due process by exclaiming he was guilty BEFORE he had his day in court.  For that, John Murtha owes our fighting men and women an apology.  It does not matter that John Murtha was a marine in the very least.  There are two kinds of veterans out there.  1st group is proud of their military service and the 2nd group is somewhat ashamed of their military service (i.e. John Kerry/John Murtha).  If Murtha was proud of his service, he’d have not been judgemental of the marines before they had their day in court.  You come out looking like John Murtha when you recklessly announce someone’s guilt before they have their day in court.

I’m sure Pelosie is attempting to rig the trial by arranging to have one of her liberal judges hear the case.  In which case, justice will not be served because of politics.  I’m pretty sure that John Murtha has been told to shut up and we’ll make this go away but the fact remains that he has slandered the marines.  He didn’t name them by name but then everyone that says they were in haditha will be painted with the same stroke of the brush reguardless if they were involved or not.  Some could have been there afterwards and I’m sure when lefties find out they were in Haditha, they will automatically assume that this person is a criminal because John Murtha said so.